Seeking Schematics, Circuit Designs, and BOM Insights for reComputer_Jetson-J202

Hello Engineers!

I’m working on a new project and would greatly appreciate your expertise. Could anyone share schematics, circuit designs, connection diagrams, and a bill of materials for a reComputer_Jetson-J202 ( to help me kickstart my development process? Your insights and contributions would be invaluable! Thank you in advance!
#EmbeddedDevelopment #CircuitDesign #OpenSource

Hi there,
No schematic is available or BOM, It’s a newer product so I doubt you’ll find one.
I would suggest you post a specific question about the use case or functions or a feature. Such a WIDE net Question. No answers are obvious.
Sounds like a good project?
GL :slight_smile: PJ :v:

Thanks for your reply and time! I’ll post specific questions if I come across any such scenario.
Thanks once again! @PJ_Glasso
And yes, it is an exciting project.