Seeking Help Connecting Pico OLED 64x128 to Pi Pico

Can anyone point me to a correct instruction to connect the PICO OLED 64x128 to a Pi Pico using an adapter board? We have worked on this for 2 days and have yet to find a solution.

We have a Pi Pico, and a Pico OLED 64x128 that we are trying to get to work together. We are wanting to use the system in micropython codes.

We have searched for tutorials on connecting an OLED to the PI-Pico, and canot find anything that specifically relates to python. The examples in the Seeed documentation seem to focus on C programming and that is not what we are using or know at this time. WE have it connected with an adapter board as shown in: Pico OLED 1.3 - Waveshare Wiki.

We were also using Thonny as the interface. We found a reference saying to install SSD1306. However when we do that, Thonny says it is installed but then has errors with the certificate. We we follow the next commands we get a error in line 1 .