Seeeed NFC V1.0 + Antenna


So currently i have my NFC scanner thing hooked up to my Seeeduino Lotus, i connected it through jumper wires to the GND, V5 and A4-5 and according to the Serial monitor it is recognized, however i am not able to scan any type of NFC tag.

About 15 minutes ago it did scan 1 of my cards but i’m not sure if that was a lucky find. I simply copied the example code for ReadTag but it’s not doing anything. If i use a grove wire to connect it to either UART or I2C it doesn’t find the NFC Scanner either.

Any help is appreciated.



As the default setting is UART, and if you wish to use the sample code and use the grove wire to make the connection, that means you need to change it into I2C by doing some soldering then use grove wire to connect the scanner to the I2C port.

If you did resolder the board, can you please check if your NFC Tag satisfies the following requirements:

  1. Operating frequency 13.56MHz.
  2. Support ISO14443 Type A and Type B protocols.

Where can i find a guide on how to resolder a board and such so that i can make this work? Same thing with the changing it to I2C? cheers.


please refer to our wiki page <LINK_TEXT text=“ … e-overview”></LINK_TEXT>