Seeeduino XIAO serial port output is not readable on PC

The characters output from the Seeeduino XIAO serial port can be read using the Arduino IDE serial monitor.
However, it cannot be read on a PC.
The blue LED flashes when reading on the Arduino IDE serial monitor. However, when I connect using or a standard serial monitor program, the blue LED stops blinking and becomes unreadable.
I use USB type-C as a serial port.
Has anyone created a program that can be read by a PC?

My experience: Putty works correctly. I have some self-programmed C# applications that do not accept / see output from the USB port.

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Thank you for your advice.
This problem is resolved.
I use VisualBasic.
In VisualBasic, the default of “Handshake” in SerialPort property is “None”.
With “None”, no data will be sent even if connected to the Serial Port.
When I change from “None” to “RequestToSend”, data will be sent.
With Arduino M0-mini, data was sent as “None” even in the same program.
I haven’t tried it in other languages or environments, but be careful with VisualBasic.
I was able to connect using “Tera term”.
Best regards.

It is an addition.
You must also change the serialport property “DrtEnable” to “True”.

To mxe02560: Many thanks - with “DtrEnable = true” my C# program works fine.

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