Seeeduino Xiao RP disconnects from the COM port whenever I try to upload a sketch from Arduino IDE

So when I connect the board to the USB port, the Arduino IDE recognizes it in the port section after installing the Seeed board addon.

The problem starts when I upload a simple skecth, it compiles and when it’s uploading it to the board, it disconnects from the current COM port and a window with what I think is the root of the memory of the board pops in my explorer. If I press the Reset button on the board it reconnects to the COM port and the window with the memory closes itself, but it happens the same thing when I try to reupload the sketch.

I’ve been racking my brain these last few days searching in forums but I haven’t come up with anything useful. I’d appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance.

You can try to enter the boot mode to boot record, detailed operation in the wiki: Getting Started | Seeed Studio Wiki

Hi Jostar,

The thing is that I don’t want the Xiao to appear as a disk drive, I want to program in in dev mode and upload a sketch. I’ve done the boot mode and it appears as a disk driver but again, this is not what I want. Maybe I’m supposed to load some kind of firmware on the device in order for it to work as I want? I’m a little lost in that sense, sorry if the question sounds a bit silly.

Hello, you means you cannot enter the dev mode after you see an removable disk and click the reset button?

Exactly that. When I try to upload a sketch in dev mode, the Xiao turns into removable disk mode. If I click reset, I get into dev mode again and the removable disk dissapears, but whenever I upload the sketch I get the same problem.

Hi, I might know your situation, you need enter the boot mode to upload a sketch first and then you can flash at the dev mode: first you enter the boot mode and you could see a removable disk, and then you need to select it as a arduino device like here :

Hello Cessarr,

I’ve realised what was my problem: the board manager I was using in the IDE wasn’t the one indicated for my board. I was using the Seeeduino Xiao one, but after investigating a bit more, I tried using the board manager for Seeeduino Xiao RP 2040 and it works fine now.

Thanks everyone for their help. For anyone with the same problem, follow the steps on this official website: Arduino | Seeed Studio Wiki