Seeeduino XIAO PWM and IRF520 motor driver module

I have an IRF520 motor driver module that I would want to use with my Seeeduino XIAO. The IRF520 motor driver module has 3 pins : VCC, GND and SIGNAL. The signal pin is normally connected to a PWM pin and it is used to set the motor speed. I wrote the following simple program:

#define MOTOR_PIN 1

void setup() {
  analogWrite(MOTOR_PIN, 255);

void loop() {}

It works on the Arduino Uno, but not on the Seeeduino XIAO. Searching the forums (this thread), I found that Seeeduino has a specific void pwm(uint32_t outputPin, uint32_t frequency, uint32_t duty) function. I tried replacing analogWrite(MOTOR_PIN, 255) with this pwm function (I tried setting different frequencies), but it didn’t work either. How can I make it work?

Hi AdelCraft,
The digital output voltage of Arduino uno is 5V, while that of XIAO is 3.3V.
Does the module works even if the input voltage of SIGNAL pin is 3.3V?
What is the maximum PWM frequency allowed for SIGNAL input?