Seeeduino XIAO keyboard HID Emulator keyboard.h

I’m Trying to use XIAO as a keyboard HID emulator using keyboard.h
is anyone who manage it to work

thank you in advance !

Seeeduino XIAO and Wio terminal use the same software on USB. @angy

Thank you for your answer, but our aim is opposed. We would like to use XIAO module as a HID keyboard. Something like but we can’t compile the example codes

This is our problem. We will update the ArduinoCore this week, and then update tinyUSB synchronously , Thanks for your feedback.@angy

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Hi, did you manage to update the ArduinoCore?

@angy Please upgrade to latest version

Works perfect ! Thank you !
Do you have experience with Seeeduino XIAO and webUSB ?

XIAO supports tinyUSB, tinyUSB has webUSB support inside. @angy

Hi @angy
How did you upgrade your board to new version?

Hi @Baozhu
I had tried, Adafruit_TinyUSB WebUSB example with my ‘Seeeduino XIAO’, but when uploading I am getting an error, "cannot declare variable ‘usb_web’ to be of abstract type 'Abstract type ‘Adafruit_USBD_WebUSB’ ".
When I asked them they replied, “this board is not supported, you should try to ask on their forum”
I am using windows7, Arduino 1.8.13, seeeduino XIAO, ‘Adafruit_TinyUSB 1.6.0’.
Please help to work Seeeduino XIAO with WebUSB,