Seeeduino Xiao for RFID access control (RC522 reader)

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My first post here :grinning: (I searched but couldn’t find a lot on “access control” or “RFID cards”) and only on the blog below I found some info about access control but is for the Seeeduino V4.2:

So, I will like to port (reuse using the Arduino IDE application) the code I have on my Arduino Uno to the Xiao (because of the size) which is for an access control that can retain up to 5 RFID cards but I will like some feedback if this is feasible or not

Base on the picture below the Xiao have the pins that can connect to an RFID -RC522 reader

So all I need will be a digital pin to send the signal to a relay that can open the solenoid lock

Thank in advance for any support and help with this question

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Hi, did you manage to get the Rc522 working with the Xiao? I am trying but not getting any result.