Seeeduino XIAO Expansion board RTC example does not compile

The RTC example in the Wiki does not work. It appears to be written for a different library than the PCF8563.h. I also could not get any sound with the buzzer example. The other examples work fine and the expansion board is a nice addition to the XIAO.

Hi Dr_Pretzel

Have you followed the wiki process to install the library, there are two libraries there, please recheck.

If still do not work, Could you please send me more detail?

please read it, just to check the bonding pads is connecting on your board.

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Yes. The Hello World works so oled library is good but RTC is not. Try it yourself and you will see it does not work as written. Color map for PCF8563 is not same as code calling out methods (for example no pfc.begin only pfc.init) . As for more detail, I copied the code from the WIKI into Arduino 1.8.13. I installed UG82 and PCF8563 fromprovided links. Errors are ‘pcf8563’ does not name a type’ among others.

Hi Dr_Pretzel

I find out the result, try this library.


It should be work, and I will update the wiki, also thank you for your feedback.

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Even with this library the RTC example from the expansion board wiki does not work.
loop() runs once, displaying time and date, but at the second round this instruction :
Time nowTime = pcf.getTime();//get current time
gets stuck;

Replacing this with :
D1 // debug macro : sends “D1” to the PC monitor
D2 // debug macro : sends “D2” to the PC monitor
Wire.requestFrom(0, 1); // request seconds value
int ss=;
DD(ss) // debug macro : sends ss to to the PC monitor

I see the same issue: one single execution and at the second one D2 is not printd,
ie Wire.endTransmission();
never comes back.
Any help will be appreciated.