Seeeduino XIAO expansion board on Arduino IDE 2.0 beta - Live Debugger issues

I cannot live debug the Seeeduino XIAO expansion board with Segger J-Link SWD interface, under Arduino IDE 2.0 beta it reported live debugging not available.

I also posted this topic to Arduino forum at HERE.

Please advise.

I know that this is not a answer to your very question to enable XIAO debugging with the Arduino IDE. But if you are willing to try PlatformIO I can confirm that debugging with the J-Link adapter works.

Set platformio.ini to:

platform = atmelsam
board = seeed_xiao
framework = arduino
upload_protocol = jlink
upload_port = jlink
debug_tool = jlink

Then set a breakpoint in your code.
Then start debugging:


When it stops click ‘Restart’


When ist stops again click ‘Continue’


Now it will stop at your breakpoint

Thx RoSchmi for the valuable feedback, I will give a try.

Later, with reference to one of the Arduino thread HERE, I managed to debug the Seeeduino Xiao under Arduino IDE 2.0 beta 5.

However, I don’t understand why the device is disconnected when the Debug button is pressed ?

There entire process is documented under the video link HERE.

I am unsure the reason why the device is disconnected when the Arduino IDE Debug button is pressed, is it because of Arduino IDE 2.0 beta 5 itself or something ?

Please advise.

Hi @rickygai ,

matsuujirushi san, thanks for sharing, much appreciated.