Seeeduino Xiao can't simulate keys pressed

I need some urgent help … I can upload the scripts, but they don’t run when i plug Seeeduino Xiao.

I’ve tested it in many ways.

#include “Keyboard.h”

void setup () {
Keyboard.begin ();
delay (500);
Keyboard.print (“TEST”);
Keyboard.end ();
void loop () {}

Hi, can you express your question more clearly? And then, I maybe do some help for you.

Hi! I would like to transform the seeed xiao as HID keyboard…

Yes, It is a HID keyboard. We test your code both in Wio Terminal and Seeeduino Xiao. And find that everything is OK. Just like this:

I think your problem is that your PC unables to recognize USB device leading the SeeeduinoXiao can’t work. You can solve this problem through updating your ArduinoCore. Let me teach you step by step:

  1. Download the ArduinoCore-samd from:
    or use git command: git clone
  2. Unzip it to your ArduinoCore path. For example:
  3. Delete the original ArduinoCore.
  4. Rename the new ArduinoCore folder name to 1.7.6
  5. Restart your Arduino IDE. And then, enjoy it!

We have released the latest version ArdionoCore. You can update it through Arduino IDE easily.
Just like this: