Seeeduino xiao ble sense bricking when I’m uploading the IR receiver code

Hello! I’m using an IR receiver and a seeeduino xiao ble sense and I tried a very simple program to receive any ir transmission and display it on the serial monitor. The board bricked up and disappeared from the ports, even after multiple tries. So i commented out all the lines and started removing the comments one by one to find which line was problematic, and it was irrecv.enableIrIn(); how should i fix it?

Looks like code from an old version of the Arduino IRremote library, except older versions did not compile for XIAO BLE boards. At least not for me


Rather than trying to help you debug your example, I suggest you install the current version, of the Arduino IRremote library using the Libraries Manager. See attachment.

Now, there is a whale of a lot of stuff to wade through to understand everything in the library and its examples, so I made a board-specific sketch using the ReceiveDemo example from the IRremote library.

Tested with a few remote controls I had.

Here is part of the Output.txt file:

Enabling IRin...
Ready to receive IR signals of protocols:
NEC, Panasonic/Kaseikyo, Denon/Sharp, Sony, RC5, RC6, LG, JVC, Samsung, Whynter, Lego Power Functions, Bosewave , MagiQuest, Universal Distance, Hash at pin 2
5000 us is the (minimum) gap, after which the start of a new IR packet is assumed
20 us are subtracted from all marks and added to all spaces for decoding

15761: Protocol=SAMSUNG Address=0x707 Command=0x7 Raw-Data=0xF8070707 32 bits LSB first
Samsung: Increase Volume

17911: Protocol=SAMSUNG Address=0x707 Command=0xB Raw-Data=0xF40B0707 32 bits LSB first
Samsung: Decrease Volume

27014: Protocol=NEC Address=0x40 Command=0x1A Raw-Data=0xE51ABF40 32 bits LSB first

32213: Protocol=NEC Address=0x40 Command=0x1E Raw-Data=0xE11EBF40 32 bits LSB first

42620: Protocol=DENON Address=0x6 Command=0xB2 Raw-Data=0x1AC8 15 bits MSB first

42690: Protocol=DENON Address=0x6 Command=0xB2 Auto-Repeat gap=45200us Raw-Data=0x1937 15 bits MSB first


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