Seeeduino with multiple xbee shields


excuse me if the topic is already covered, but I didn’t find information on this:

I would like to build a DAQ node using seeeduino stalker. The node consists of three to five analog sensors, a GPS and a WiFi unit. The data to be collected is: sensor data with GPS timestamp. WiFi is necessary to send data over the internet (continuously or in packages). The SD card of seeeduino is also necessary for WiFi dropouts. It may be possible that the 10-bit ADC is not sufficient for the task, so an external ADC must be used.

The node should be able to

  • collect the data, save it on the SD card
  • upload the measurement data (if WiFi works)
  • store the data and upload it ASAP (in case of WiFi dropout)

Is it possible to build a such a node using the XBee shield (allowing ) and the seeeduino? I think yes, or at least these components can be plugged in each-other.
My main concern is memory - is there enough to handle the XBee modules, the SD card and perform the uploading? The best would be, if DAQ could run while using WiFi, but having to stop DAQ for data transfer is also acceptable.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Considering the memory, you can use Seeeduino Mega, which has 128k FLASH, 8k SRAM, and 4k EEPROM.

But why not directly build them based on Seeeduino Stalker?

I definitely would like to use the stalker, as stated in the opening post. Anyone with any experience on such complex setups?