Seeeduino v3.0 with Ubuntu 14.04

Is there anyway to get the Seeeduino v3.0 to work Ubuntu.

Selected: Board > Duemilanove 328
Serial Port > dev/ttyUSB0

User is in dialout group

Error is

avrdude: usbdev_open () : did not find any device “usb”.

Thought for sure I had this working at some time.

Arduino Uno works fine.

Dear rashantha,

I’m not sure if your dialout group have the right permission, so please try to startup Arduino IDE with sudo prefix in the terminal. Otherwise, the Arduino IDE has no permission to open the usb serial device.

thanks for the reply. it works fine with the arduino uno.

have you gotten it working with seeeduino?
if so which version of linux?

Have you gotten this to work with Ubuntu?

Hi Rashantha,

Seeeduino V3 uses FTDI USB to Serial chip which is supported by Ubuntu and other GNU/Linux since many versions. We checked in Ubuntu 14.04 and it works.

If you use sudo to start arduino application as suggested, it must work without even adding user to dialout group.

To diagnose

  1. Reconnect the Seeeduino V3
    2)Use lsusb to check FTDI chip is listed (this ensures that the USB cable is fine.
    3)check if the new COM port is listed in /dev/ folder as ttyUSB*
    4)Start Arduino in Sudo mode and select the appropriate port.


P.S: Sorry for delayed reply. This solution must help other users as well.