Seeeduino v1.1 Power Problems

I have an older 1.1 with the mega168. When I plug a battery in the external power header in the corner, the seeeduino doesn’t turn on. However, putting the battery in the VIN header works perfectly. What is the problem in this case? Maybe a fried diode?

Would you please take a top side picture and paste it on this page.
Yes, the Diode may cause this problem.
Please find the attached Seeeduino_v1.1 Source files.
Albert (57.6 KB)

It stopped working after I powered two large gearmotors… I think I overloaded the diode. Temporarily bridging the diode pads results in it working! So looks like I fried the diode with over-current. I guess I’ll find a replacement, I might use a beefier diode like a 5819