Seeeduino v1.1 Output Levels

I’m wondering about the output levels on the Seeeduino v1.1. If I am powering the board with 3.3V will the output (and input) levels be 3.3V compatible or 5V?

I am looking to interface with a board over SPI (Raspberry Pi) that is strictly 3.3V logic levels and want to know if I need a level converter cricuit or if I can just wire them directly together.


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Seeeduino V1.1? Not mega?
Can you attach the link?
Because I need more detail to make sure which seeeduino V1.1 is.

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Unfortunately I can not be be certain that any of the links to current products are correct. Here is a picture of the board:

It is labeled as follows:

v1.1 09/23/2008
by Albert.Miao

The processor is an ATMEGA168

Dear customer,

If you switch to 3.3V then you can compatible to use with 3.3v device.
And also with the SPI interface.

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Thanks so much for the information!

One more question:

When switching to the 3.3V setting on the board, will the supply voltage automatically be converted to 3.3V or do I have to use a 3.3V supply?

Automatically, so even you use 5V to supply with USB, when you switch to 3.3v then it would be out put in 3.3V. :slight_smile: