Seeeduino v1.1 JST polarity

Sorry to bother with such a simple question, I just want to make sure I don’t fry my Seeeduino. I have the v1.1 and I want to use external power via de JST connector. The one I have has no +/- marking but looking at newer versions and the board it seems to me that + is towards the edge of the board and GND towards the regulator. Is this true?

I am asking because I was sure this was the case until I saw this cable … Path=79_83 which seems to be the other way.

Can you please clarify for me on Seeeduino v1.1 which is the + and which is GND on the white connector? Thanks!

Never mind, I found the answer here:;wap2

This is a legacy problem, we mistakenly chose a polarity setting different from the world, then changed back to hug the world. Thanks for posting both the questions and answers! :slight_smile: