Seeeduino usb driver won't install on windows 10

Hi guys, I follow the guide in the wiki . downloaded the proper driver. everything goes fine I follow the step in windows, selecting the proper .inf file / ditectory. windows launch the installation of tbe driver and ends ups with windows saying ‘sorry something went wrong during installation driver cannot be installed please contacte the hw manufacturer’ and no other alternative is given than quiting. ( sorry screen shot in french, butr quite common one you may recognise :slight_smile: )


@Froof Which version of Seeeduino do you use? Let’s test it again.

Hi BAozhu , now working (not sure how but it is now ok)

i cannot install the driver, can you help me?

@syahminaseri1996 Your USB drive is definitely not up to date, as you can see from the date above.

Connect your Android device to your computer’s USB port.
Access search
In the search box, type into and then click Device Manager.
Double-click the device category, and then double-click the device you want.
Click the Driver tab, click Update Driver, and follow the instructions.

Hope This Works,