Seeeduino Stalker Wifi Bee

Hi :slight_smile:

I would like to work with my new Seeeduino Stalker 2.3 and the Wifi Bee of Dfrobot (I ordered the Wifi bee of Seeedstudio as well, but that will take several weeks until it arrives).
Somehow I cannot address the wifi bee. The commands like “$$$” I send over the Arduino IDE in the code do not make the wifi bee respond.

Does anyone know something about that?

Anyone please? Does someone has a short code snippet showing the communication between Wifi bee and Stalker?

Just wanted to ask you guys outthere once more.
I got the Wifi Bee and the Stalker but I cannot send the command $$$ over the UART connection:

// Date and time functions using DS3231 RTC connected via I2C and Wire lib
#include <Wire.h>
#include “DS3231.h”

DS3231 RTC; //Create the DS3231 object

char recv[512];
int cont;

void setup ()


void loop ()
RTC.convertTemperature(); //convert current temperature into registers
Serial.print(RTC.getTemperature()); //read registers and display the temperature
Serial.println(“deg C”);

void check(){
cont=0; delay(500);
// Receive the answer from the WIFI module.
while (Serial.available()>0)
recv[cont]; delay(100);
// Print the answer.
// Clean the buffer to be able to send a command.

But I dont get any response like “CMD” from the Wifi bee. Do you guys from Seeedstudio have an example code for that?
It would be so great!

I have now the Wifi bee v2.0 from Seeedstudio. But still I cant communicate with the Stalker v2.3 could someone provide an example code?

Hello? Anybody can provide some code?

Hi Florian,

I know it has been some time since you posted I hope you have not given up on your project.

Hopefully you figured it out but if not, I have some info that may help.
Either way, hopefully someone gets a benefit from my info, as I find the documentation very frustrating from Seeed Studios concerning the wifi bee and stalker series of products. Spefically the WiFi bee 2.0 documentation. The Wiki info seemed almost useless to me, and i only figured it out after thouroughly reading the large PDF for WiFly they post in the wifi bee resources.

The WiFi Bee 2.0, as i have found out, is a very frustrating device to work with, especially with the Stalker.

I got a WiFi Bee 2.0 and Stalker 2.3 recently and have been pulling my hair out getting the two to talk.

I found out the only way I could get anything to happen was to first program the WiFi Bee on its own, then program the stalker on its own, then plug the bee into the stalker and power on. Only then could i get communication to happen through wifi from the stalker.

So first thing first, plug your wifi bee in to your UartSBEE v4 with its xbee port. then fire up PuTTy and connect via serial to the com port the UartSBEE provides.

Then you can manually issue $$$ and receive CMD in return from the WiFi Bee. Now you know its ready to configure.

From here, you can run commands to SET/GET/SHOW all the status information you need from your WiFi bee to get it associated with your wireless network, and fine-tune any other settings you need (static/dhcp IP, dns,gateway… sleep timer, remote IP you want it to auto connect to, etc…)

check here for all commands that the WiFi bee 2.0 supports and how to correctly configure it: … -RN-UM.pdf

once you have your wifi bee associated and you can ping/telnet to it from a computer on your network, you are ready to move to the Stalker.

Now, the one thing i struggled with on the stalker was realising that the only way that is easy to get it to use the wifi bee is to forget all wireless libraries completely, and just make the stalker use Serial.print(); commands to send data over the wifi bee. The wifi bee takes care of translating it to TCP/HTML as configured.

so for example, i just loaded the example Temperature sketch from the Seeedstudios libraries for the Stalker v2.3 ( … #Resources … its the DS3231 libraries), and all it does is Serial.print() a reading from the onboard temperature sensor. Once the sketch was loaded on the stalker, i disconnected UartSBee from stalker, then plug in the configured WiFi bee into xbee socket on stalker, and telnet to the WiFi Bee’s ip-address:2000 (default port for wifi bee, you can change that) and my telnet session was receiving a regular update from the temperature sensor via wifi!

The reason this works is the wifi bee and stalker can only communicate via the stalker RX/TX pins (0 and 1) when its plugged in to the stalker’s xbee slot. However the WiFi bee is designed to just pass-through to wifi anything from serial RX it receives. This is also why you cannot program the stalker or wifi bee while it is plugged in to the stalker.

So at this point, if you get temperature readings from the stalker via telnet, you just need to finish writing a sketch to do what you want and send it via serial.print(), and make sure your WiFi bee is pointing to the system you want to receive the data (look at “SET IP HOST” and associated settings in the document i posted above).

Hope this help you or someone else like me that was frustrated for days trying to figure this out!

bktech1 Thanks for the informative response. That has got me going. One thing though that I would like to point out in your post is that you said that you can’t program the Wifi bee from the Stalker. Whilst I haven’t yet tried this, I would assume you could use a Serial Print (as you mentioned to do) to program it? I personally used your suggestion of plugging into the UARTSBee and using a terminal emulator. Now I just need to work out how to get it to post to a web service. I would have thought that there would be a library created to abstract the commands away from the programmer. I had trouble with this, so perhaps I’m missing something? Can you have the UARTSBee plugged in whilst the Stalker is communicating with the Bee module? I haven’t tried it without.


Hi guys,

Bee modules can’t use software serial port due to the limitation of stalker 2.3 or 3, so you can’t plug bee modules onto the stalker directly while using software.

But if having a Xbee shield , and plug the jumpers into the digit 2 and digit 3, you can use Wifi bee as a Wifi shield, click here to visit the wiki of Wifi shield.

Welcome to put any suggestion or problem while using Stalker.Thanks.