Seeeduino Stalker v328 - how to get started?


I’m having trouble downloading programs to the Seeedunio Stalker.
It is V328 12.18.2009

What board do I set the arduino software to? Arduino Duemilanove? I presume it’s not the Diecimila since my stalker is v328 rather than 128?
When I try to upload (through a cp210x usb to serial adapter) the LED on the Stalker stops, then starts flashing quickly again - so it seems to be resetting, but the arduino software then does not complete the upload.

Any ideas?


Please select the “ Duemilanove or Nano w/ ATmega328” in Arduino IDE Board Menu.
And Please connect as:
USB2Serial <–> Stalker

Have a try.

Thanks for the tips.

I have the board set to “Arduino Duemilanove or Nano w/ ATmega328”

My USB to serial is an off-the-shelf one terminated with a DB9 connector (it is powered by the USB port). I have it connected as follows:

USB2Serial <–> Stalker (Pin on Stalker)
NC <--------->VCC (1)
Pin 3 - TXD<-------->RXD (2) (PD0)
Pin 2 - RXD<-------->TXD (3) (PD1)
Pin 5 - GND<-------->GND (4)
Pin 4 - DTR<-------->DTR (5)

I presume on the 5 pin serial interface on the stalker, pin 1 is on the side closest to the battery.

I gave up on the old approach and sourced an FT232RL breakout from Sparkfun.

It’s still not working though!
Can anyone tell me the voltage levels on the Seeeduino Stalker? Are they +/-5V or +/-3.3V?


Please don’t try to use RS232 cable, it may burn/destroy the Stalker Serial Port.
And Stalker need 5V input on the program port(5pin 90 degree female header under Xbee).
Sparkfun FTDI just has 3.3v output.
Here has one solution, please try as:
USB2Serial <–> Stalker
5V<--------->VCC --> power with extern supply.
TXD<-------->RXD–>Sparkfun FTDI breakout
RXD<-------->TXD–>Sparkfun FTDI breakout
GND<-------->GND–>Sparkfun FTDI breakout
DTR<-------->DTR–>This pin need connect to Sparkfun FTDI breakout DTR or CTS.