Seeeduino Stalker v3 wiki errors


I use the Stalker v3 for many projects and it’s a great piece of hardware. It’s my go-to board for IoT projects. However, the documentation on the wiki contains some serious errors and omissions and it can be frustrating to sort out certain details. I don’t have access to edit the wiki, but I hope that someone who does will correct the following:

  • “SD Socket… Furthermore, there’s an optional pad for soldering while you need to turn the supply power of SD card on or off. It’s P4.” Actually it’s P2. P4 connects the second RTC alarm interrupt to D3.
  • “Bee socket… Of course, you can turn the supply power on or off through the optional pad, it’s P5.” It’s actually P1. The purpose of P5 and P6 is never explained.
  • “RTC… And two optional interrupt signal pins have been breakout as pads, they are P2 and P3.” Actually they are P3 and P4.

Thanks for making the Stalker. I hope that we can improve the documentation to match the quality of the hardware!

Thanks for your suggestion we have planned to update it very soon.