Seeeduino Stalker V3 and XRF XBee module


The write-up for the XRF module on the Seeedstudio web site says it is basically plug and go.

Can I plug this into a Stalker V3 and have wireless serial transmission to another Stalker with it’s own XRF module?

Do I just do Serial.print and to transfer data?

Assuming that both ends are coordinated, can I do a send from A to B (while B is expecting input), then turn around and do a send from B back to A (also assuming that A turns around and expects input)?

Do I need to disconnect the UartSBee V4, or can that remain attached?

Anyone have any simple sketches to us the XRF module?



Please use the documentation provided in XRF Xbee module for configuring the same for bi-directional transmission. UARTSBee and Bee Socket (i.e Any Bee modules used) share the same H/W UART. After uploading code to Stalker V3, connect the XBee modules. Disconnect UARTSBee.

Sorry, we do not have a readymade example for your application.

Thanks and Warm Regards.

If I have both the UARTSBee and XRF XBee connected at the same time, will serial output Stalker go to both the UARTSBee and XRF module successfully, or will they fight each other? Thanks.

There will be conflict. First upload the code using UARTSBee & then connect the XBee.

Warm Regards.