Seeeduino Stalker v2 for solar panel data


i’m working on a project using a solar panel cell. I would like to use this card to create a data logger able to save the voltage and the intensity of the cell to assume the power amount that a solar panel could get during the day.

It would be just for measuring a voltage and an intensity.

Do you think it is doable ? How can we do that using this card ? Do I just need to connect the solar cell on the card ?

thanks !

Look at test code provided for stalkerv2, it includes the possibility to read the battery status and even the input voltage. This may be a good point to start!

@ Adrien33 - interesting project indeed. I am thinking about the same - to create data logger for up to 3 solar panels.
Device should monitor power gained from the sun and log into a SD card along with the date. Then I could import log file into excell and process it.
At present I have whole electric part - so calibrated resistor bridges etc.
I will start to get into programming stalker right now but since I am complete illiterate in Arduino/ micorcontroller stuff It will take me a lot of time to present something what is worth.
Anyway Ill take example from stalker Wiki (Stlker logger AM06 and will start to extend/modify it.
Apart of solar power You should also measure temperature because solar cells output depends also on its temperature (the higher the smaller power)

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Hello Piotr,

Thanks for your answer, apparently we are working on the same kind of project.

The thing is I don’t really know how to measure the power and more particularly the tension because it is always flowing.

So maybe I’ll use a light sensor and then after, convert lux into watt.

Can you share your electric schematic ?

Thank you !


Hi Adrien!
Yes, You are right. Measuring solar power from cells are quite challange.
First, solar cell power depends on type of a load, hence the MPPT chargers idea. Secondly it also depend on temperature. (I am speaking just at electrical characteristics. I skip the physical placement of the cells to the sun.)

At the beggining I ve assumed that Ill use resistive load. This simplicity approach have many drawbacks but for now I just want to make on step done. Ill share my wiring diagram but please give me few days (hopefully this weekend) as I need to wrap it up and actually draw it on a paper (or in computer) because I didnt do this until now…

Kind regards and I am happy we could do this together somehow.