Seeeduino Stalker V2.2

I want to confirm that I am getting V2.2 when I buy this board , as website doesnt specify directly . Have been advised by experienced user that this is the one to buy . Starting out in Arduino programming and will purchase UartSBee to suit as well.


Jon Lethbridge :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Hi there.
Because the Stalker doesn’t have UART module so it is necessary to programming with UartSbee.


What is the difference between V2.1 , V2.2 , V2.3 of the Stalker ? … no_Stalker

Version V2.3 not up on this page yet ?

Hi, :slight_smile:
V2.3 is same as V2.2 ,just add a more protective capacitor that the designer told me .