Seeeduino Stalker v2.2 and XBee


My question is about the co-existence of the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor and the XBee Rx and Tx pins. When I connect my Stalker using the UartSBee and upload a sketch, I can write debug info to Serial.println() and read this on the Serial Monitor.
If I also have a XBee connected to my Stalker, how does this work if there is only one Rx and Tx port on the Stalker?
I am wondering if the UartSBee somehow overrides the XBee and ‘grabs’ the Rx/Tx ports so the XBee can’t use them. If this is the case, then how do you debug (via Serial Monitor) a sketch which needs to write to the XBee?
I can easily do this on other Arduino boards using the SoftwareSerial library (so that I effectively have an extra serial channel to use) but can’t see how to do this on the Stalker because the XBee pins are already hardwired to the shield (and to the CPU pins).

Any ideas on how to debug such a sketch if I can only have one Tx/Rx pair in operation?

hey~ I met such problem before, But there’s no way to use the uartbee to debug if there is a XBee on stalker.cuz the rx/tx have been Affected.

In case anyone is interested, I managed to figure this out. The answer is to use the SoftwareSerial library and to attach a USB BUB (USB to TTL) device. This provides an alternative serial connection (using the digital pins you define for SoftwareSerial) and allows debugging to occur when the XBee is attached to the Seeeduino.
The USB BUB can be purchased here…

Sounds good! I’ll have a try later~ Actually, Seeed has such product~ UARTSBee! … th=132_135

Then you’ll use 2 uartsbee~ it 's strange~