Seeeduino Stalker Enclosure full dimensions


I would like to also build a Seeeduino Stalker into the dedicated enclosure with solar and LiPo power.

However, I would like to use the 1W solar panel as oppose to the 0.5W solar panel suggested in the instructables.

There’s no actual datasheet given for the enclosure and I can’t determine if the solar panel fits.

So is the 1W solar panel going to be able to fit inside the enclosure or can it only take in the 0.5W panel?

I would really appreciate too if the full datasheet is to be provided.


The stalker enclosure dimension is : 50 (H) x 68 (W) x 100 (D) (mm).
The 1w solar panel dimension is 75 x 100 mm.
So the 1w solar panel could not be fit in the stalker enclosure.

For your information I tried the larger solar panel but it causes the stalker to crash and become unstable. Sometimes it ran fine for a 5 hours, sometimes 3 hours and sometimes it was just very unstable. I reverted back the the smaller solar panel and so far so good.

It is sad that the larger panel (rated at 150ma) is higher than the stalker data sheet allows because it managed to keep the battery charged (during 11 hours of light per day) with the xbee awake for 2 seconds every 2 minutes.