Seeeduino Stalker Battery Holder Issue

We have discovered some of the Seeeduino Stalker has thinner battery holder which would cause CR2032 batteries insertion difficulties.

Might be hard to insert and take out, the worst case would break the holder.

Root cause:
Mix of material, the thinner ones are CR2026 holders but not designed CR2032 holders.


  1. In-field fixing: You could solder off one end of the battery holder, insert a CR2032 to wedge it up, and use some extra solder to fix the other end.
  2. replacement Please ship back to us for replacement, we will take the two way air mail cost.
  3. reparation We could send you a CR2032 holder too
  4. alternatives If you could get CR2026 battery easily, it will match the thinner holder.

Please mail us at depot() for any help needed. Sorry for the inconvenience brought!

I have one of the Stalkers with the undersize battery holder but was able to insert the battery with some effort. I will check into resoldering the holder for easier insertation and removal. I checked for a CR2026 but did not get much info. Did you mean to refer to the CR2016 as a possible replacement?


Maybe CR2025 is easier to find. 25/32 means the height, if you use CR2016, might leave too much space. Thanks for the feedback!

My new Stalker 328 model broke one end off the battery holder. I would have hoped this was fixed by now. I proper it up and plan to solder it back on.