Seeeduino Stalker 2.1 + GPS Bee + USB Host Shield?


I just received my Seeeduino Stalker 2.1 kit, as well as a Circuits@Home USB Host Shield to use with it.

I’m interested in adding a GPS Bee to my project, but based on where the USB connector is on the shield, it looks like the GPS Bee might not fit.

Has anyone tried this? Can you tell if it would fit or not?


You need XBee® Shield but not USB Host Shield. … th=132_134

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No, I’m attaching a USB device to the Seeeduino Stalker, so I really do need the USB Host Shield. So along with the size of the host shield, there is also the USB device I’m attaching.

Will a GPS Bee also fit in this configuration?


Yes, the GPS Bee fit in this configuration.Just put it in BEE label position on the board.