Seeeduino_samd_zero is not listed in Arduino IDE board manager

I am following instruction on Wio Lite W600 learning page and having a trouble.

I opened Arduino IDE preferences, pasted Additional Boards Manager URLs (, and typed “seeeduino_samd_zero” to look for Seeeduino_SAMD_zero. Only Seeed SAMD Boards (latest 1.7.2) appears on the list and Seeeduino_SAMD_zero is not listed.

Library for W600 is installed (I only see one example, ‘log_data’. This is discussed in another topic) but can not specify my Wio Lite W600.

Please help.

Hi, can you try this URL

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Dear salman

It worked!!!
Seeeduino_SAMD_zero is now on the list and I added the board!

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Happy to know that :blush: :+1:

I’m having similar issues. Using this link isn’t resolving the issue for me though. When I open the Board Manager, I get a series of “Index error: could not find referenced tool” errors in the IDE window.
Any ideas on how to solve that?
Thanks! @salman @jrosshort
Please refer to this document to select a different link

Hey Baozhu,
I have both of the links from the wiki listed in the IDE Preferences and the Wio Lite W600 is not listed in Board Manager. I have tried both links independently as well and neither show the Wio Lite W600. In the past, the github link has worked, but is no longer working by the looks of it.
Any other suggestions?

Hi @jrosshort
Seeeduino zero is included in the Seeed SAMD Boards,you can see in the below picture.
In addition, there is a problem with our configuration file and it will take a little time to fix it.
You can’t select Seeeduino Zero development board to compile for the time being.

Hi @jiachenglu,
I appreciate the information and confirmation of he issue with the configuration file.
Based on the above, can you confirm if the Wio Lite W690 is fully compatible with the Seemed SAMD Boards (I.e. can I use “Seeduino Zero” in place of the Wio Lite W600?

Hi @jrosshort
We finished fix the configuration file, now you can select Seeeduino Zero development board to compile. Yes, the Wio Lite W690 is fully compatible with the Seeed SAMD Boards. Because the Wio Lite W600 is included in the Seeeduino Zero.

Thanks so much @jiachenglu!
Appreciate it.