Seeeduino_samd_zero is not listed in Arduino IDE board manager

I am following instruction on Wio Lite W600 learning page and having a trouble.

I opened Arduino IDE preferences, pasted Additional Boards Manager URLs (, and typed “seeeduino_samd_zero” to look for Seeeduino_SAMD_zero. Only Seeed SAMD Boards (latest 1.7.2) appears on the list and Seeeduino_SAMD_zero is not listed.

Library for W600 is installed (I only see one example, ‘log_data’. This is discussed in another topic) but can not specify my Wio Lite W600.

Please help.

Hi, can you try this URL

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Dear salman

It worked!!!
Seeeduino_SAMD_zero is now on the list and I added the board!

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Happy to know that :blush: :+1: