Seeeduino Nano use Grove I2C port plus A4 and A5?

Hi all, I’m new to Seeeduino and couldn’t find this in searching. These questions are specifically for the Seeeduino Nano.

  1. Can I use the A4 & A5 pins as regular analog inputs (for potentiometers) at the same time as using the Grove I2C port (for an OLED)? I can’t tell if the SCL and SDA of the Grove port are connected with A4 and A5.
  2. What are the pin numbers for the SCL and SDA of the Grove port to specify in my code. I haven’t been able to locate a pinout of the Seeeduino Nano that shows pin numbers for the Grove port.

Help with these questions is greatly appreciated! I use Nanos frequently. I have a project involving 8 potentiometers and an OLED. Since the OLED needs A4 and A5, I don’t have enough analog pins on a regular Nano. Instead of using a multiplexer I hope to use the Seeeduino Nano if I can run the OLED on the Grove port and still use the A4 and A5 pins for pots.

For anyone else searching this in the future, it looks like the Grove port SCL and SDA pins are directly connected to A4 and A5. You could end up with an output and an input connected to the same pin from 2 separate points on the board. They really should call this out more boldly so inexperienced users don’t connect both. That seems potentially problematic.

There’s no documentation on the Seeed Nano page but the v4.2 (Uno) page says this:
“The I2C Grove connector is also connected to analog pin A4 and A5 for SDA and SCL respectively”.