Seeeduino Mega v3: bootloader / flash problems with avrdude


I have 3 brand new Seeeduino Mega v3 which I cant flash.
Regardless of which avrdude programmer hardware I chose (arduino, stk500, stk500 v1, stk500 v2, stk600) there isnt any response from the bootloader.

avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding

voltage switch is @5V with auto rest (tried also manual reset).

What programmer configuraion is right for seeeduino mega v3?


Oh, dear, no response. I was hoping to find an answer to this myself. I got in a Seeeduino Mega about a week ago and have yet to get it to accept any of the usual Arduino getting-started loads. The Arduino sites suggest there’s some problem with the automatic USB driver, and a need to manually load the correct driver, but the instructions don’t seem to match what the Seeeduino Mega does.

I get the impression the computer itself probably is running, but the USB link doesn’t sync right. The SeeedStudio wiki pages have never been set up.

Combined with them sending me a Grove Differential Amplifier that was nothing like the one described on the Wiki (they posted a changed design 3 days later), I’m thinking I made a terrible mistake going with SeeedStudio. Probably ought to scrap the thing before I get in any deeper and just buy Arduino.

I got finally it.
You have to use the avrdude which comes with the arduino IDE.
It works like a charm with “wiring” programmer and 115200 baud!