Seeeduino Mega Schematic in .pdf?

Hellos, I was wondering if I could get a schematic of the seeeduino mega in .pdf format. Reason for this is I’m trying to use it for the mpguino project ( - link) and I can’t seem to get it to respond to anything I do. The buttons are simple, but still don’t work at all. I keep getting it to switch screens when my finger gets dragged across the extra pins, which shouldn’t have any power.

Basically I can’t get the buttons to work on -any- of the analog pins, or any of the extra pins. I tried the basic blinking led “hello world” test when I first got it, and it worked just fine.

Help on the actual problem and a .pdf would be appreciated.

There is a mega.prn picture in the following posting thread:

You just can do a right click and save the picture on your local PC. Not sure how you migh convert it to a .pdf but it is useful as it is.