seeeduino mega port allocations.

Is there somewhere a diagram of which ports go to which pins? I assume the pins below 54 are the same as the arduino mega, but what about the extra ones?


The 16 ‘extra’ pins have their port/pin names silkscreened on the back of the board in the format “pxy”, where x=port letter and y=bit number.


Thats great, thank you. I will go ahead and order one.

I did an arduino_pins mode that exposes all the pins, it is posted in a thread here.

hey Rich can you post a link to that arduino_pins mode post? I’m just mapping mine out manually now, it would be great to have it on here for anyone who is new.

Pins 54 through 69 are the analog pins. They have to be programmed to be input or output if you want to use them as digital I/O.

54=analog 0
55=analog 1