Seeeduino Mega I/O Pins

I am posting this to try to help others out that might be as confused as I was.
Some of you will laugh, but this might help others out.

I was trying to find all the pins that would allow me to do the full 70 I/O connections.

It seems that once you get to 53, the rest are the analog pins.

54=analog 0
55=analog 1
56=analog 2
57=analog 3
58=analog 4
59=analog 5
60=analog 6
61=analog 7
62=analog 8
63=analog 9
64=analog 10
65=analog 11
66=analog 12
67=analog 13
68=analog 14
69=analog 15

Remember you have set them up first with something like:
void setup() {
for (int a=2; a<=69; a++)
pinMode(a, INPUT);
I skip over pins 0 and 1 since they are used for serial communication for my project.


Thank you Scott, it is definitely useful to those who are not familiar with Arduino/Seeeduino.
And also we encourage you post your “works” or project on the garden: