seeeduino Mega 1.21 Busted Mini USB workaround?

A few months ago the little micro usb connector popped off of my seeeduino mega PCB, and back then I was not very proficient at wielding the $2.99 fire starter that I like to call a soldering iron, so long story short, after a few hours and a lot of cursing I found myself with most of the traces leading from FTDI to usb connector burnt to a crisp, with a tiny little c-hair left, peeking out from under the FTDI obstacle. So I then tried to super glue some wires into position with the tips touching the legs of the chip, to no avail. The 'duino still works, because I can see it running the last sketch that I was able to upload onto it, but I can’t get my PC to recognize any arduinos in my USB device list, no matter how vigorously I shake my fist and curse… it’s really aggravating, and after having a go with some other MCUs I still yearn for my old, faithful arduino clone back on my cluttered desktop. As previously mentioned, this happened a few months ago, and during that time I posted this same story to a different board, and they said it is possible to bypass the FTDI but I would need to wire up an auto reset circuit or something. Sounds easy enough… if I knew where to begin. So now I am trying one last attempt at getting this thing going again, and any help would be so appreciated, I will dedicate a song to you the next time I sing karaoke.

Just in case it helps, or at the very least provides 12 seconds or so of entertainment, I uploaded a graphical depiction of the injured seeeduino, and I have a couple other MCUs that can transmit/rec data over TTL serial, which should probably help me out, right? I also have a USB-Serial cable, although I don’t think it is an ‘FTDI’ type cable. The only thing close to a description I can offer is that the cable has a ~2" x 3" x .5" or so box shape completely encased in rubber-like-impenetrable plastic. Anyway, thanks in advance for your time and assistance.
RIP Duino_lores.jpg


You can bypass the FTDI, you can refer to the following picture that I have to try, and it can program the seeeduino Mega.


thank u thank u thank u