seeeduino lotus


I bought a lotus seeeduino 1.1 (12/22/2016)

it is not detected in mBlock and when I read it with the Arduino IDE, “Get Edge Info” gives:

BN: Unknown board

VID: 10C4


SN: Upload any sketch to get it

“burn bootloader” does not work.

how to do ? thank you.

Hi Matthieu,

1. For arduino, i have the same board message as yours. I download the blink code and the led flash well. So please download the blink example to board and see any issue.

If you can not download the code, it may be related with board. As you have plenty of boards, how may do they have the issue which can not burn the blink example?

2. For the mblock, i use the mblock5 for windows. I select the arduino uno and then write a small code and upload successfully.

3. please keep us posted. Thanks.

best rgds