Seeeduino Lorawan SPI Port unable to use

Hi all. I am running a Seeduino Lorawan board and want to use the SPI port. I have set it up and can transmit data and clock which both appear on the ISCP pins. The clock and data do NOT appear on the specified Arduino pins
|11 |#11 |YES |YES |||SPI_MOSI|
|12 |#12 |YES |YES |||SPI_MISO|
|13 |#13 |YES |YES |||SPI_SCK|

Is there some extra setup I am missing to enable the Arduino pins to SPI connection. Many thanks for any answer I am scratching my head on this one.

@chris435 Thanks for your feedback. We will release a new version of arduino software package this Friday and then solve this problem.

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Thanks for the response, I am a but unsure of the meaning of your post. Dp you mean there should have been a fix issued on Friday or that you will begin work on it as of Friday.

@chris435 We looked at the code in depth, These pins do not have SPI functionality
|11 |#11 |YES |YES |||SPI_MOSI|
|12 |#12 |YES |YES |||SPI_MISO||
|13 |#13 |YES |YES |||SPI_SCK||

Only number 7 has the SPI function