Seeeduino Lorawan SPI Port unable to use

Hi all. I am running a Seeduino Lorawan board and want to use the SPI port. I have set it up and can transmit data and clock which both appear on the ISCP pins. The clock and data do NOT appear on the specified Arduino pins
|11 |#11 |YES |YES |||SPI_MOSI|
|12 |#12 |YES |YES |||SPI_MISO|
|13 |#13 |YES |YES |||SPI_SCK|

Is there some extra setup I am missing to enable the Arduino pins to SPI connection. Many thanks for any answer I am scratching my head on this one.

@chris435 Thanks for your feedback. We will release a new version of arduino software package this Friday and then solve this problem.

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Thanks for the response, I am a but unsure of the meaning of your post. Dp you mean there should have been a fix issued on Friday or that you will begin work on it as of Friday.

@chris435 We looked at the code in depth, These pins do not have SPI functionality
|11 |#11 |YES |YES |||SPI_MOSI|
|12 |#12 |YES |YES |||SPI_MISO||
|13 |#13 |YES |YES |||SPI_SCK||

Only number 7 has the SPI function

Hello, I am having troubles reading anything over SPI . I tried an SD Module as well as an ADC chip (mcp3008) over SPI. Both modules worked with other Arduino Clones but it doesn’t work with the current seeeduino LoRaWan board. Almost 2 years ago it was working with seeeduino LoRaWan too.

Using a logic analyzer I can see that the SPI pins seems to work , but the card can’t be initialized same thing with the ADC chip.

Any Ideas ?

Hi Ben, We got the SPI running and I am driving a A12864ZW 128x64 pixel LCD panel with it. The ISCP pins we ended up using instead of the pins originally specified in the Seeeduino documentation. Sometimes simple things trip us up so the couple of things I can think of are.

Clock Polarity and Phase set by SPI_Mode
MOSI -> MISO -> MOSI etc make sure you have Master Out Slave In connected to Master In Slave Out.

Hope that helps, Good Luck.