Seeeduino LoRaWAN resets occasionally with no battery

On a couple of Seeeduino LoRaWAN (without GPS) devices, which are powered from a constant 5V supply via the 5V pin, I’ve noticed that they reset every few hours or so.

I’ve been able to capture a couple of instances, and they look like this.

Yellow is the Vin rail and blue is the 3V3 rail. The U5V during this time is unperturbed. As you can see, the issue is that the battery charger IC, the ETA6003, does not maintain the SYS voltage.

Is this a known issue. Is my only option to bridge out the battery charger IC?

Hi! I also have similar problem but I wonder if you have another solution than bridging out the battery charger?

I never found another solution. Bridging the charger worked for the situation at the time we were using them in embedded applications, and then I stopped using them except in hand-held applications. Others have reported success by connecting a battery.

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Thanks! I tried with lipo battery, now its fine. But now I have many other problems…