Seeeduino LoraWAN firmware update using Apple Mac

Hi Seeed Team,

I have purchased a number of the LoraWAN boards but cannot get them to operate in the Australia ( i have updated the frequency setting in the sketch. From the blog, it appears the firmware 2.0.10 has some issues in Australia.

I have sourced from RisingHF the latest 2.1.19 firmware, but are unsure how to update the firmware on the LoraWAN using a MAC.

Can you provide any guidance on the process as to how to update the board using a MAC?

thanks, Cheers

Cameron (56.7 KB)

Hi Cameron

I do not have a mac on hand. I find some people post on internet. Please try and let us know if it works. Please replace the bin names. thanks.

  1. brew install lrzsz (if you are on a mac)
  2. Connect seeduino to your computer
  3. enter: screen /dev/cu.usbmodem1431 115200 (you need to replace the usb device with the appropriate one)
  4. switch to firmware mode on the node by pressing DFU button on the node
  5. type :
  6. enter: lsz --ymodem -w 8 -vv rhf76-052am-v2.1.16-20171203.ebin.bin