Seeeduino lora dosent work with hight temperature sensor

Hello i have a seeduino lora gps board and also I bought a grove thermometer , in tested the grove with arduino uni it works with seeduino it dose not

I gave tryed everything even upgrading firmware

Could anyone help

Below is the link of the tutorial that I tried step by step

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … re_Sensor/”></LINK_TEXT>

Hi there,

  1. please change the High_Temp.ccp as below

    a. change the Serial.print to SerialUSB.print

    b. change the 2 bold lines as below

    int a = getAnalog(pinRoomTmp); // 3.3V supply

    float vout = (float)getAnalog(pinThmc)/1023.03.31000;

  2. download below code the seeeduino lorawan. thanks.

[code]#include “High_Temp.h”

HighTemp ht(A1, A0);

void setup()
SerialUSB.println(“grove - hight temperature sensor test demo”);

void loop()