Seeeduino Lite with TFMini Lidar & Oled display

Hi guys,

I’m trying to run a TFMini Lidar in combination with a i2c grove OLED display on the Seeeduino Lite.

I programmed the OLED display to show the output from the Lidar, which works fine when I have the setup connected to my computer.

However, the unit doesn’t show any readings whilst connected to a different power supply, everything powers up just fine though… My best guess is that the Serial connection causes trouble since everything runs fine when a second serial connection (My PC) is available.

I use the example code provided for the TF mini Lidar on the seeed wiki and simply push the output to the OLED display.

Looking forward to finding the solution!



Hello, you mean, you can run example code correctly with sending data to the computer, but after you adjust your code to display the data on the OLED screen, It does not work?

Could you please tell me if you have implemented code for display separately or post your code?