Seeeduino lite driver install on Windows 8.1

The Wiki page on the Seeeduino light could use an update to describe how to install the USB driver in Windows 8. The driver is unsigned and that makes the installation a bit complicated. Ideally, Seeeduino could get the driver signed, but this costs some money (Google for Signing_Windows_8_Drivers to learn more).

The workaround is to boot windows with ‘advanced startup options’ and install the driver:
(0) Save the driver on your computer
(1) Go to the Metro start menu (click on bottom right corner of your screen)
(2/1) Type “startup” and select “Change Advanced Startup Options”
(2/2) or go through “Settings”, “PC Settings”, “Update and Recovery”, “Recovery”,
(3) Select “Restart Now” in the section Advanced Startup
(4) Choose Troubleshoot --. Advanced Options --> Startup Settings in the menu that comes up
(5) Press “Restart” and in the following menu select the option to install unsigned drivers (number 7 in my case)
When the computer has rebooted you can install the unsigned driver. Don’t forget to also save the boards.txt and USBCore.cpp files in the indicated locations. Things worked like a charm after I did all this.
The computer will revert to normal booting when you restart the next time.

Hi, thank you very much for your suggestion and solution. We will test it and update the information on the wiki page later.

Hi shultzt,

Where can I get the driver for windows 8.1?