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recently I bought the Seeeduino GPRS in the product advertisment I read “current consumption is as low as 0.1mA in sleep mode”. I also found the prepared lib at GitHub. But what I can’t find is the PowerDown function in the lib. I would love to send the SIM800 to sleep. If all is running I see a power consumption of about 60 mA which is enormous.

As second Point I would like to ask if digital pin 2 is an Interrupt as on the Arduino Leonardo?

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1.Please find the example program for sleep mode.

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial gprsSerial(8,7);

void setup()
gprsSerial.begin(9600); // GPRS shield baud rate

void loop()

if (Serial.available()) // if there is incoming serial data
switch( // read the character
case ‘s’: // if the character is ‘s’
SleepMode(); // sleep mode function


if (gprsSerial.available()){ // if the shield has something to say
Serial.write(; // display the output of the shield


  • Name: Sleep Mode()
    void SleepMode()
    gprsSerial.println(“AT+CSCLK=1;”);//AT+CSCLK=1”can be used to set SIM800 into sleep mode
    } [/code]

To know more about how to set the sleep mode please refer the following link … _V1.08.pdf

2.yes, digital pin 2 is Interrupt .

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Dear Kavi,

thank you very much for yyour help. I will try this asap.

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Dear Kavi,

I followed the link and read through the parts of sleep and wake up. The manual states:

"4.3.3. Wake Up SIM800 from Sleep Mode (AT+CSCLK=1)
When SIM800 is in sleep mode (AT+CSCLK=1), the following methods can wake up the module:
 Pull down DTR pin.
The serial port will be active after DTR pin is pulled to low level for about 50ms.
 Receive a voice or data call from network.
 Receive a SMS from network.
 Receive external interrupt "

To which pin is the mentioned DTR Pin of the SIM800 on your board conected? Or how can I trigger the mentioned
“external interrupt”?

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DTR pin is D11 pin which has been pulled down.