Seeeduino film work with SD problem

hi, i have a Seeeduino film flexible v1.0 that im trying to work with an SD card ( as a datalogger. im using the sample code comes with Arduino IDE (0022) but sometimes meets werid problems. it doesn’t even work with sample codes proeperly. e.g. example code of showing card info (CardInfo.pde). im sure i have chagned CS pin number to 10 but still not working.

not sure anybody here ever met similar problems on Seeeduino film. my feeling is that it may have some bugs on the hardware but not positive.

new findings to add: the same coding works great for Arduino UNO, but not for Seeeduino film (AtMega168 on board)

how do you connect SD to Film?


connect via SPI. 10 for CS, 11 for DI, 12 for DO, 13 for CLK. the wiring should be correct because SD card could log data to a .txt file at some conditions but as long as you insert lines (e.g. print out a data you logged) then everything changes.

i am hearing rumor that Seeeduino film is not 100% compatible with Arduino products but im not sure