Seeeduino Film possible to cut closer to main FRAME?


I have a Seeeduino Film that I’m experimenting with.
I need it to be as small as possible and I don’t need the breakout FRAME.

My question is how close to the main FRAME I can make the cut? Is it only in the grey area indicated in the specification document, or can it be in/to the left of the purple Flex Bus area?

See picture here:

Thanks for any input.


I think it depends on your need, once you not destroy the main circuit, it’s ok to cut as closer to the main frame as possible. But you can not cascade them any more. :wink:

Thanks for the reply!

Is there no need for “termination” of the signals?
I’m quite new to electronics, but I know that for example SCSI hard drives used terminators at the end of the drive chain…


I am sorry, I cannot see your picture.
But please do not cut the 20pin terminal for the main film, you can bend it for space saving.