Seeeduino Film based LCD wrist watch - Need some guide lines

Hi to all,

I’m quite new in this “arduino business”, and I don’t really have any experience in embedded electronics. But, I do know how to follow instructions and I’m really good at fine soldering works :smiley:.

Any how, what I would really like to do is build an arduino based LCD (using an OLED from 4d systems?) wrist word watch (something similar to this). Now I do know that I’ll need some sort of a RTC module like the DS3231, And I have thought about integrating it with the seeeduino film. But beyond this point I’m quite lost :unamused: .
Help ?! :wink:

If you could wait a few weeks, we are breeding another frame with LCD, RTC and touch sensors…:wink:

Oooooh Joy! :smiley:

I think I’ll wait then…

Have you got any status update on this item? I have a project to build a desk clock with two rainbowduinos that could really use the RTC module.

I would like to purchase all items I need at the same time. I’ll need the following:

  • Arduino Film
  • Motion Frame
  • the thing you’re talking about

Will you have this ready in time for me to enter the Carnival contest? That might be nice :smiley:

The THING might not be ready for stock before 2011… We are still experimenting LCDs and touch inputs yet. Sorry

Oh well :wink: order placed anyway, 19221. Hopefully it arrives in time before the holidays.

Do you have any plan to sell the FPC connector or breakout board separately?


Is there any update on the RTC/Touch frame mentioned back in October 2010? I’d be very much interested in it!


Hi Edwin,

The RTC/Touch frame is not planning to be made so far.