Seeeduino Cloud with Arduino Yun's openwrt firmware ?


I find that the default opkg repository of Seeeduino Cloud (Linino Dogstick) appears to miss several packages that I wish to use. That is, I cannot do opkg update and opkg install those packages.

I have two questions:

  1. Is it possible to replace Seeeduino Cloud’s openwrt image (now it’s seeed-build–v1.3.4) entirely by Arduino Yun’s image (e.g. from http: // That is would the two boards be 100% image compatible ?

  2. If 1) is not possible, I wish to build all the missing packages from sources. Are there any instructions that are similar to http: // but specifically aim for the Seeeduino Cloud ?

(remove the extra space in the URL before you browse them).

Thanks very much in advance,


It has been a while.
But what did you do at the end? any success. I had similar issue :wink: