Seeeduino Cloud - OPKG Update Failure - AWS Setup

Hey all,

Was following along with the AWS setup tutorial when I got to the stage involving OPKG update/install over SSH.

With the Seeeduino 1.3.4 (latest released) version of FW installed if I attempt to run the opkg update command I receive a opkg signature check failed notification.

After a bit of digging around people were talking about out of date firmware being a potential issue (not specifically seeeduino cloud related). So I decided to throw the latest Arduino Yun FW onto the board out of curiosity.

With the Arduino Yun FW loaded and the SSH terminal command now showing OpenWRT instead of Dragino the opkg update and install commands worked just fine. Although because I don’t have the Seeeduino FW on the board I lost my serial connection between the chips.

Are there any FW updates, direct link & install, or other actions that can be performed to update the, assuming, out of date Seeeduino FW to allow the opkg update/install commands to not throw a signature check failure?

Hi there

maybe you can use <LINK_TEXT text=“ … e-firmware”></LINK_TEXT> to update Seeeduino Cloud :smiley:.

hey, just an update here:
it is possible to update the firmware to 4.1.12, but the opkg command still failed.