Seeeduino cloud disconnect

Hi, when i plug in my device the device will auto disconnect, or i connect a sensor it will disconnect too. the port wont be deteced. it works fine previously. it just happen today. the device im using is seeeduino

Hi there,

Please try to reset the system through pressing wifi rst button more than 30 seconds.

Wi-Fi RST The Wi-Fi Reset button only supports long press. When pressed and released after 5 seconds, it will reset the WiFi settings. Other settings will be retained. If the button is pressed and released after 30 seconds, it will reset ALL the settings to factory default.

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Even aftetr i reset the device . it stills disconnect after i plug it in. or i connect it with a sensor.

Hi, Please try to burn a bootloader to AVR processor. The Yun has a built-in ICSP programmer - the Linux processor. That makes it very easy to burn a new bootloader onto the AVR processor. Make sure your Yun and computer are connected to the same network - wired Ethernet or WiFi makes no difference. In the Arduino IDE, select the Yun’s network address on the Port menu, and then load the blink sketch. When loading over the network, the sketch is sent to the Linux side of the Yun, where it is combined with the bootloader image, and then programmed into the AVR processor using the ICSP lines.

Each time you load a sketch over the network, it burns a fresh copy of the bootloader. thanks.

how do i do it? or what are the steps? im new too arduino and seeeduino. the moment i plug in the usb the device disconnects. i cant even burn boot loader

Hi there, please plug network cable into your seeedunio cloud Ethernet port and power the seeeduino cloud. Make sure your pc is in the same network as seeeduino cloud. Open the arduino ide–> tools–>select the arduino yun as baord. Then select the network port, such as Just open the blink sketch and download the seeeduino cloud. please check if it works.

I also have another hypothesis that the usb cable is not connected with Seeeduino Cloud well. please try another usb cable and see if it solves the issue. thanks.

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It works! Thank you so much. Really appreciate it